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A few ways we strive to be your go-to nutrient company.

Here at Soil Charge Packs we use NO slaughterhouse byproducts like Blood meal or Bone meal that almost all other organic nutrient companies use as their main go-to ingredients. We are not trying to be on the high horse here because those items do work, and are the most popular option for most organic nutrient company's because of cost and availability but we choose to opt out of those “go to” ingredients as they are almost certain to contain significant amounts of residual antibiotics, anthelmintics and other drugs from the cow industry. Again, they will work and are organic products. But again because of this unknown we stay clear as there are better solutions such as plant based or marine based inputs.

Soil Charge Packs contain NO cotton seed meal. Cotton seed meal is cost effective and has lots of great nutritional benefits but contains pesticide residue. It is a heavily sprayed crop and banned for use in organic farming in some states because of its residual pesticide content. You can find pesticide-free cotton seed meal if you look hard enough, but again there are better ingredients to use.

Soil Charge Packs contain NO chicken manure fillers that some companies use to bind ingredients together. Chicken manure does work and some people swear by it, we have excluded it because of unknown contaminant similar to the blood meal from the cow industry. Also, no fillers because we don’t need to add anything to our product to make it look like you’re getting more for your money. We are a very clear cut and open company.

The ingredients used in Soil Charge Packs are excellent for top-dressing – unlike products that contain Blood meal that can burn plants easily if over applied.

Soil Charge Packs contain GENEROUS amounts of rock dusts like Basalt and Azomite that most other mixes will completely leave out. These rock dusts are very important and beneficial to a good living soil system especially long term with re-amending soil or top-dressing soil.

Soil Charge Packs goes the extra mile for your living soil to include Humic and Fulvic acids. Even items like Greensand that help with soil structure, water retention, and is a source of potassium as it breaks down. Also, as a little bonus each Soil Charge Pack contains a dash of beneficial colonizing fungi and bacteria!

Soil Charge Packs are a premium organic mix covering all nutrients, minerals, and soil conditioners needed for optimal plant expression! All packaged together as a one stop shop - standalone - organic dry amendment pack - delivered FREE right to your doorstep anywhere across America.

Contains 100% OMRI listed and Cdfa certified organic inputs! - Here at Soil Charge Packs we work with Down to Earth Company to bring organic gardeners a premium Living Soil Amendment blend, all in one pack designed specifically to create and maintain living soil.


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