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Recyclable/Compostable Product Bags

When your Soil Charge Pack product bags are empty simply add them to your normal recycle can instead of a trash can. Or you can also compost it by ripping it up into smaller pieces and then adding it to a worm bin or regular compost pile. Composting the bag is a great option because you will be able to use any little bits of nutrient and mineral dust on the inside of the bag walls! Our product bag can be used as worm food instead of plastic bags that end up in the trash can!

As a company that supplies a premium organic product; we wanted packaging that could be recycled and or composted - this is important to us. Another great thing about the packaging is that it is breathable and that is important for long term storage.

Contains NO plastic viewing windows or polyethylene bag lining. We are very proud of this and people that support recyclable/compostable packaging.


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