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No flushing when using Soil Charge Packs?

First off what is Flushing?

If you use synthetic nutrients then flushing is a period of time when you no longer force feed your plants water soluble nutrients, and instead flush a large amount of water through your medium in an attempt to remove unwanted salts. With synthetic nutrients a flush sometimes starts with you guessed it, another bottled product. This flushing bottled product is to help break down the salts in the medium. Then you have to flush correctly ph’d water in the amount of 3X the size of the plants growing container then discard the water runoff.

Sounds like a lot of work and potential mess! Indoors flushing plants can become a down right burden, especially with large gardens. Also, if you can’t physically remove the plants from the room to a flushing area like a bathtub or alike then you would need to use a wet vacuum to suck up all the large amounts of water flushed from the containers, this gets messy and takes time. Time that I know I don’t want to spend wasted on vacuuming water from the trays of my pots over and over for hours – and if you are reading this then I am guessing that you feel the same way.

The 3 main reasons a person using synthetic nutrients would want to flush are

1) When they transition from vegetative growth nutrients to bloom flowering nutrients.

2) When they have a nutrient lockout from a build-up of salts in the medium from not flushing often enough.

3) 2-weeks before harvest to let the plant use it’s stored up nutrient reserves.

Well guess what? A huge benefit to using Soil Charge Packs is that you will never have a need to flush! There is nothing in there to flush out like there would be with synthetic nutrients. A common misconception with true living organics is that a person should flush at the end stage in an attempt to push all of the left-over nutrients out of the soil, or to rinse them from the roots. Both of which are scientifically impossible in true organics. This is because organic nutrients are carbon based and not water soluble. Some of the nutrients and minerals are held in the bodies of microbes until they die and become nutrients themselves or become food for something higher up the food chain. You are not going to simply flush the bacteria and fungi out of a living soil – nor would you want to.

Flushing your organic living soil will only upset the balance of life you have going and accomplish nothing else. Let the soil do its thing naturally. Just water it as normal and keep it alive like you would a pet. Over a few cycles of recycling your soil you will see the soil get stronger and stronger to the point that if you had to get up and move house you would move the soil with you! Over time you will see your soil turn into something that you can’t simply just go out and buy from someone else.

Since these organic nutrients and minerals don’t flush out and are physically in the soil or held in the bodies of fungi and bacteria, they don’t end up in our water supplies and hurting the environment! In fact, they will build the soil up and leave it in better condition than before. Salt and mineral based synthetic nutrients are water mobile and end up as runoff in our drinking water suppliess. Help the environment - grow organically.

Proud to serve you great growers with the cleanest organic product on the market, from beginner growers all the way to long term growers who want to invest in themselves in turn saving a lot of money over time while also giving you with the best product genetically possible from your plants. We are here for you and because of you – we will never forget that fact.

Another benefit from using organic and natural methods such as with Soil Charge Packs is that when using bottled synthetic nutrients, you will normally start a flush during the last 2-3 weeks. You stop force feeding the plant, you flush, and then use water only for the last 2-3 weeks. The problem with that is this is the time when your fruits and blooms are going through their swell period. This is the time period where the plants are gaining most of their weight! When using Soil Charge Packs there is no flushing of nutrients when the plant needs nutrients the most! Let the plant grow and make the hard decisions – this is how you get the most from your genetics – this is living soil!


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