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When using Soil Charge Packs living soil microbes will provide and make the Soil Charge Pack nutrients/minerals available for the plant at any point in growth - as the plant needs and requests them. This natural process happens because plants make an extremely wide variety of sugars and secrete them out through their roots to attract specific types of bacteria and microorganisms to its roots. These bacteria then eat these sugars, called exudates. The exudates attract sweet-loving microbes and through the bacterial metabolic process, essential nutrients like nitrogen are created for the plant to use. Yet, nitrogen isn’t the only nutrient created through this process. This is how much-needed vitamins and trace minerals make it into your plant. Soil Doctor Doug Weatherbee explains this process best in an interview with Sustainable World Radio: “Individual bacterium are all little pockets of minerals and nutrients. They’re little bags of fertilizer. Nutrients are a byproduct of the healthy reaction between a plant and microorganisms. So, here’s a situation where, if I’m a plant and in this given instance right now, what I need is some selenium and then a second later I need some boron, and a second later I need some nitrogen, and so on. What I’m going to do is I’m going to be secreting sugars, different sugar molecules, that are going to start attracting the types of bacteria that have high levels of selenium one moment, high levels of boron the next, and high levels of nitrogen the next.”

This natural process is how we unlock 2nd metabolites and reach the highest genetic potential from plants. Both terpenes and cannabinoids are secondary metabolites. These are compounds that the plant produces in order to communicate with other plants, attract desirable insects, defend itself from predators, and protect against diseases. To produce these metabolites, plants needs access to a nutrient diverse and high-quality growing medium. With Soil Charge Packs you will be providing a “buffet” of the highest quality foods for the soil microbes to pick and choose from as the plant sees fit. By letting the roots and the living soil communicate to each other they will provide for all of the needs of that plant at any specific time during the season. In this style of growing we are no longer the middle man mixing up bottles of fertilizer or adding what we think the plant needs at that specific moment in life. We take a step back and let the plant communicate with the living soil to make all of the decisions about what they need in that exact moment in time. Nature knows best, let the living soil microbes go to work for you!

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