*Create a Clean Water-Only Soil*

Clean = No blood meal, bone meal, feather meal, cottonseed meal, or manure fillers!

Only plant and marine based inputs are used - Click Here for more

*Amend Recycled Soil*

*Top-dress Nutrient Deficient Soil*


 For use with indoor and outdoor gardens - containers or raised beds

Grow from seedling to harvest with no other inputs - just add water!


Instructions - Click Here


Make things easy on yourself and your garden by letting nature make the decisions on what the plants need and when they need it. During the growing season just add water! NO additional nutrients, NO additional minerals, NO cal-mag,

NO switching to bloom nutrients, NO Ph to check, NO ppm’s to measure, NO bottles to measure out and mix,

NO salts to flush out at harvest time, NO charts to follow – just add water!