Neem Seed Meal (6-1-2) – Commonly referred to as neem cake. Is produced during the extraction of oil from the seed of the fast-growing Indian Neem tree (Azadiracta indica). It is an excellent way to strengthen root systems, improve plant immunity and balance nutrient levels in the soil, in turn encouraging optimum plant development. Neem Seed Meal has been proven to increase microbial life in the soil and also helps to ward off problem pests. Sprinkling some around the base of the plant has shown to ward off some pests. Neem Seed Meal has also been shown to help control fungus gnats when made into a tea and used as a soil drench.


Neem Seed Meal can be mixed into soils or potting media, used as a top dress around established plants or steeped to make a potent liquid solution. To make a liquid solution add .5-1 tbsp per gallon of water and let steep up to 48 hours agitating periodically. Apply the solution directly to the soil around plants or filter and apply as a foliar spray. Be sure to use all of the solution once it is prepared.

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