This is a great all-purpose tea, for use with Soil Charge Packs and all living soils. Use during the vegetative growth stage up to week 2 of flower. Apply a Kelp/Alfalfa tea a day or two before any transplanting to help with the transplant shock. Use it outdoors if there is an abnormally hot day coming up as it helps with heat stress.


Each 2lb pouch is enough to make 243-gallons of tea! Contains 100% certified OMRI and cdfa organic inputs.


This Kelp/Alfalfa tea pouch contains Pure Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed from the clean, cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Hand-harvested, carefully dried and finely milled, and is known as the best marine plant available for agriculture today! Kelp contains only small amounts of actual N, P, K nutrients, but it does add over 60 very important trace micro-nutrients, natural growth hormones, and vitamins. It will improve soil structure, reduce plant stress from drought, increase frost tolerance, and increase natural resistance to pests and disease. It aids in the development of extensive root systems and is great for rooting clones. It normalizes Ph levels and stimulates soil bacteria. And Alfalfa meal derived from sun-cured, non-genetically modified alfalfa that is freshly milled to preserve the highest plant nutrient value. An exceptional source of plant-derived nutrients containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and also great secondary nutrients such as magnesium, sulfur and Iron. Alfalfa contains good amounts of the growth hormone Triacontanol, considered to be one of the best and most potent plant growth promotors. Also, high concentrations of Vitamins A, B and E and contains other vitamins such as Carotene, Thiamine, Folic Acid, Riboflavin, and Biotin. Plus 16 Amino Acids.  Alfalfa meal works in the soil to improve the balance of sugars, starches and proteins in the soil in turn improving nutrient transfer and exciting the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms.

Kelp/Alfalfa Tea - 2lb - FREE SHIPPING *USA Only

  • Add 1-2tsp per gallon of water. Aerate the mix with an air pump, fish tank pump, or occasionally agitate with a mixing stick for 18-36hrs. Then apply directly as a soil drench.


    Optional: Add 1 Tbls of compost/worm castings and 1tsp of organic black strap molasses per gallon of water.