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How much Soil Charge Packs should I use?

  • If I have a 10-gallon container how much do I add?

  • If I have a 2ft x 10ft raised bed how much do I add?

  • I have 40-gallons of base soil in a hole in the ground, how much Soil Charge Packs should I top dress during the growing season?

The quick answer is that you are looking to top dress around .5Tbls of Soil Charge Packs per gallon of soil every 21-30 days. Stop applying 3-4 weeks pre-harvest an continue on with water.

Useful Unit Conversions

1Cu.Ft = 7.5-gallons / 16Tbls = 1 Cup / 4Tbls = ¼ Cup

1Cu.Ft =12”x12”x12” (for example: a raised bed, 4ft x 8ft x 1ft = 32Cu.Ft.)

Containers (indoors or outdoors)

Containers are pretty straight forward to figure out. If you have 10-gallon containers they most likely have around 9-gallons of soil in them. So, 9-gallons of soil x .5Tbls = 4.5Tbls (just over 1/4cup). Simply add that much every 21-30 days and water in.

If you have 100-gallon container they most likely have around 90-gallons of soil in them. So, 90-gallons of soil x .5Tbls = 45Tbls (just under 3cups). Simply add that much every 21-30 days and water in.

Raised beds (indoors or outdoors)

If you have raised beds the math is still pretty straight forward but there are a few steps. So, let’s get into it and break it down for your specific sized garden bed. Let’s say your raised bed(s) are 2ft wide and 24ft long. We will simply multiply those numbers together (2 x 24) to figure out the surface area. In this example it is equal to a surface area of 48square feet. Now take that number (48) and multiply it by 7.5, because there are 7.5-gallons of soil volume in 1cu.ft of soil. We come up with a number of 360-gallons of soil that we want to amend. Now that we know how many gallons of base soil we want to amend; we will simply multiply 360-gallons x .5Tbls = 180Tbls. How many cups is 180Tbls? Well, since there are 16Tbls in a cup we can simply divide 180Tbls/16 which equals 11.25cups. We will want to top dress this amount of Soil Charge Packs ingredients every 21-30 days to this specific sized container to ensure that we keep the soil healthy and full of life by feeding the soil a complete and balanced premium buffet of premium organic nutrients and minerals that the Soil Charge Packs provide.

In this example (360-gallons of soil) we would suggest going onto and ordering the Large 3-pack. Each separate large Soil Charge Pack is 14 cups, so each large pack will cover the needs of the raised bed every 21-30days during the growing period all the way to harvest. Other than that, all that is needed is water.

We hope this helps.


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